IOS 12.5.7 - app crashes on launch

Hey everyone, thank you for flagging this issue :pray: Can I please confirm whether the issue has persisted and is ongoing today? Much appreciated!

Yes. Tried to launch the app a moment ago - no change

YES!!! It’s still NOT working! I contacted support last week…as yet no support on the matter! It’s poor.

Hi Steve, I’m really sorry you’re still having issues. Can you please provide me with your email address and I’ll look into this asap?

Panik, if you haven’t already, can you please email with your account details and they’ll investigate?

Thank you both for your patience - we understand how frustrating this can be.

Hi, If you provide me with yours I will email you. Thanks, Steve.

And a follow-up on this - customer support has flagged these issues to engineering, who are aware of the crashes. I’ll keep this thread updated when I receive them. Thank you!

Sorry, just saw the message capability! I’ve messaged it to you.

Are you able to look into this today as it’ sbeen well over a week now that the app has not worked. Either tthat or put a hold on the direct debit!



They were made aware some time ago now, being aware and dealing with the issue are two separate things.

Are ‘engineering’ working on a fix? If there is going to be a delay, what is the likely timeframe?

They can roll back on versions, test, see it crash and then iteratively bug fix! They shouldn’t have pushed out a version that wasn’t fully tested.

Are they putting a hold on direct debits or offering a refund on lost use whilst the App is unusable?


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Hi, my name’s Stuart and I’m an iOS engineer at Freetrade.

Firstly, I’m really sorry for the issue you’ve experienced. To be prevented from using the app for any amount of time is really poor, so we’re sorry this crashing bug slipped through the net. We appreciate your patience while we looked into it properly.

We’ve now identified the problem and are rolling out a fix as soon as possible. We can update you on exact timing for this shortly.

I thought it would help to give a bit of technical background on what happened here…

We recently updated some 3rd party code in our app and unfortunately it contains a bug that causes the app to crash immediately after opening for a small number of our customers, specifically those who are using iOS 12 (@ANDREAS and @dkdkdk12321 I see you said you’re using iOS 14; I’d like to know if you’re still experiencing any issues, or if this upcoming fix will solve it for you as well).

Unfortunately, issues specifically affecting iOS 12 are increasingly difficult to catch & test. Apple’s development software no longer supports testing iOS 12 in the same way as more up-to-date iOS versions. We strongly urge customers to update to the latest version of iOS (where possible) for the best experience, and to ensure their device and data continues to be protected by the latest security features from Apple.

We do run extensive automated and manual testing on our apps, but as a result of this incident we’re looking at adding new tests that would hopefully catch future issues of this kind before the app is released.

I hope that is a helpful insight, and once again thanks for your patience while we get the issue sorted!


Roll out (yesterday 31st May 2023) 3.9.66 STILL does not work on iPad 12.5.7. Same symptoms. Anyway you can put my direct debit on hold until this is fixed?

Thanks for your reply. Please fix the bug asap, as the trading market changes really quickly and a few hours sometimes means a few thousand pounds lose or gain for users …
Will keep you noticed if it’s working for iOS14.2 or not after the coming bug fixing.

no change yet. But my friend used another model of iPhone (and possibly another version of iOS) has logged into the app today.

The fix for this issue will be coming in the next app release (3.9.68). We’re submitting this to Apple for review today, so if all goes well it should be available to download tomorrow. I’ll post an update if this changes for any reason.

@sfoulston thanks for the update. Fingers crossed. Once I get back up and running, I make instigate a sale or two and then buy an iPad upgrade.


The app update (version 3.9.68) should now be available on the App Store. Please download it and let me know if you’re still experiencing issues with iOS 12 :pray:

its working here, finally

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3.9.68 has fixed the problem.

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iOS14.2 is working as well now. cheers!

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Really pleased to hear it, thanks for letting us know! :pray: