Freetrade App Crashing - Super Slow


Hey I wanted to know if there’s known issues with the Freetrade app in terms of being unresponsive, crashing or super slow? Or if anyone else is experiencing it.

I’m on version 2.4.1 the latest and my iOS is up to date on 12.2.

If I launch the app it freezes on the PIN no. screen, sometimes indefinitely, and I have to quit and restart. I was messaging customer service and it booted me out, and random exploration through the app is often slow.

Only recently experiencing this for about a week.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Sorry about these issues. Could you please email some screen recordings of what’s happening, along with the details you’ve shared to so that we can look into this?


Sure, no problem will do!

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(Emma) #4

Yes I’ve reported this in chat at the start of the week

(Alex) #5

I’ve had no issues; works fine for me!

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(Jonny) #6

It’s been simliar for me

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Mine freezes and then crashes when I switch to it from another app. It happens every time it opens unless it had stopped running in the background

Edit: clearly it was the Apple Pay bug. All better

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(Harry) #11

Having similar issues, don’t have videos as it seems a bit random - but glitchy and jumpy

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(Mary King) #13

Yes, I was having similar problems last night on both my Android phone and iPad.

(Alex Sherwood) #14

I’m sorry to hear that. We’re not aware of this particular issue affecting the Android app at the moment & the speed of your internet connection might be a factor here too.

But please do message us in the app if you’re having issues & we’ll take a look at that for you.

(Mary King) #15

Yes, you are right, poor internet connection could be the problem. I’m presently on the outskirts of Cambridge. Gawd! Blighty really needs to improve on its broadband et al.


I’ve had some issues on Android with the app being slow or crashing completely. It’s been fine for a couple of days now.

(Emma) #17

It seems a lot better today. I’ve queued a few trades for Tuesday without any issues :crossed_fingers:

Or maybe I was just lucky :eyes:


I’m having the same issue, that the app can be really slow or unresponsive and can crash on startup

(Steve Sharrott) #19

I’m still experiencing this issue on IOS. Unresponsive while the app appears to be updating data. Sometimes crashes. Is this still a known issue? Driving me nuts!

(Ian) #20

Hi @stevescat I’m sorry this is taking so long. We’ve not been able to recreate the issue in our test environment. We’ve been able to source a device and will begin testing on it directly late today which should allow us to target the issue. I’ll keep this thread up to date with any progress.

(Steve Sharrott) #21

Good to here you’re working on a fix. Thanks for replying.

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(Louis Otto) #22

Yeah, I still get this sometimes. Just after FaceID completes, I get a blank purple screen that persists for about a minute and then the app crashes. Hard to track because it’s really intermittent.