Freetrade keeps stopping

The latest update destroyed the app.

Are you Android or IOS?

Ive no issues on Android.

I’ve not seen any issues either, a bit of context is usually helpful. Have you tried clearing restarting the device? clearing the app cache?

Android 9

Android 9 was a pretty long time ago.

I would check your phone for software updates and then clear the cache data from the FT app. (Settings-apps-storage or similar)

If you still have issues unistall and then reinstall FT.

I finally installed it on a different phone but it takes an eternity to access the BUY/SELL buttons. In conclusion, they successfully made the app even worse than it was before.

I find it works fine for me…very occasionally it buffers a little but i made some trades today on android app with no real issue.

Do you have a slow connection speed to the Internet maybe?

Android 9?

That’s like running Windows 95.

Think you’re phones a tad out of date, current version is now 13

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A lot can change in 5 years especially in tech.