Freetrade app very laggy or just me?

Anyone else find the app very VERY laggy and freezes a lot? I do my trades on my iPhone 7 Plus and recently it’s been annoyingly laggy and jumpy. Is it just me??

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Same for me!

I commented on this a few days ago, the freezing and jerkiness were terrible, but since then there has been an app update and this seems to have sorted it, for me anyway.

Same here!

No problems for me on the Android App

Hi, can you check you’re on the latest app version and if so DM me and I’ll raise this with our Engineering team.


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It’s very laggy, jitters, incorrect prices, glitches on graphs etc. Errors on balances sometimes, delays on the feed. But I assumed this was mainly down to being on iOS 13? Hoping it’s not resources issues on the back end infrastructure…

It has improved somewhat on the latest beta.

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I’ve just updated it seems ok now :+1:t4:


Hi All. Sorry that the app has been a bit laggy. Tuesday’s release has a number of performance improvements in it which should resolve the issues you’re seeing. We’ve also added performance checks to our release process so you won’t seen these again in the future. Cheers! Ian.