Freetrade iOS app update v 2.4.3

We’ve just released the latest version of the iOS app.

If you spot anything that doesn’t look right, please message us via the in-app chat so that we can check on it :raised_hands:


I updated the app a few minutes ago and noticed the app lags for a few seconds when you click the Account Switcher, then toggle between ISA and GIA accounts.

Hi Saf, thanks for letting us know! We will take a look at this :eyes:

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Account switching was taking 10 seconds or more, now it’s only a second or 2 so much better with the update


Thanks team - my graph seems to be going in the right direction after the update :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the update @Rat_au_van - account switching can be a little slow but its great to hear that the change has improved things! Hopefully the rest of the app is behaving as it should now.


Hasn’t frozen or crashed since :+1:

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Mine’s slow but bearable, however my ISA is showing incorrect info - the “amount remaining” is wrong, showing that I could contribute £10k more when it should be £5k. Not a biggie, but could it get corrected?

Yes we’ll get that sorted for you, could you please send us a message in the app so that we can get some more details?