Account switching's now launched 🔁

iOS users can now access both their basic Freetrade account (GIA) & their ISA in the latest version of the app :tada:

So if you’ve been wanting to open an ISA before the new tax year but have investments in your GIA, there’s nothing stopping you now.


Check out @saf’s post below for more screenshots :camera_flash:


Opening a ISA account just went live… opening a ISA was very smooth :muscle: :+1:





I do not have the option for ISA account switching. Where do you find it? Is it on the Account “display picture” on portfolio?

I wonder if it’s because originally I used the link. Then opted in to Support to cancel my move as I decided I had wanted to wait until both account types were available. I imagine I will have to wait until the new tax year in a few days or maybe until July.

Perhaps someone from Freetrade could shed some light on the process or limitations from someone who “backed out” of their ISA account.

Have you updated to latest version of the app?

It was on the Account page, also worth noting it’s only on iOS right now, and you might need to update your app.

But based on the rest of your message it would be worth asking support as your situation is a bit different. Anyway hope it all works out.

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Yes I’m on the latest version. As I say. It could be due to me originally signing up for ISA account migration but then backed out. Now the link as disappeared probably because Freetrade’s system registered me clicking it and thinks I’m using an ISA which I’m not.

Thanks @saf . I’m coming to the stage now where I’m considering I would like to open an ISA. Originally I didn’t think it was worth it.


If you don’t have an ISA then you shouldn’t see the button.

Sorry. I meant I do not even have the option to open an ISA if I desire. Like saf has :slight_smile:

Ah ok :thinking: could you drop us a message via the in-app live chat about that please?

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Is there a timeline for having account switching on Android too? I’m keen to get of my iLife :slight_smile:

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We’ll be adding account switching on Android before ISAs so before the end of May :muscle:

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