Help us test ISAs 💰 & Account Switching 🔀 on Android

(Alex Sherwood) #1

As promised, we’re launching ISAs on Android in May. And we’re ready to start testing them in the app now :muscle: Register your email address in this form to take part :point_down:

Account switching's now launched 🔁
How do I switch accounts on Android?
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ISA annoyance (not yet available on Android)
How do I switch accounts on Android?
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Wish I could participate but not ready to open an ISA yet.

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(Gareth) #3

I’m already using an ISA on Android - can I be of any help? Or do you just need newbies?

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(Alex Sherwood) #4

You can still test the account switching bit (to be clear, this is switching between your Basic account & ISA in the app, not transferring your stocks) so feel free to register :slight_smile:

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(Mark L) #5

Ah yeah! I have a cash ISA with Nationwide so cannot open one :frowning:

How do I switch accounts on Android?
How do I switch accounts on Android?
(Emma) #6

You can have a cash ISA and a stocks and shares ISA in the same year. You just can’t have more than one of each kind each year or go over the savings allowance

(Mark L) #7

So this would be a stocks and shares ISA?

I dunno whether it is worth opening up a S&S ISA, I wont be dealing with anything over £2k

(Zain) #8

Yep, it’s an S&S ISA. You use it to buy stocks and shares afterall!

Probably not worth it now, but there’s no drawback to having it, then as you continue to contribute over the years, it’ll all be tax sheltered and you won’t have any hassle converting to an ISA when you need to.

Unless you already use up your £20k allocation with other ISAs?

(Mark L) #9

True. But the £3 per month is a put off.

We will see.

How do I switch accounts on Android?
(Alex Sherwood) #10

If you registered then you’ll have just received an email in-app message to let you know that you can start testing now :boom:

(Sam Landsman) #11

When might we expect them if we didn’t get in the beta? :disappointed_relieved:

(Alex Sherwood) #12

It depends how well the testing goes & whether we find any bugs that need fixing :crossed_fingers:

It’s worth registering on the form now anyway, just in case we add more testers :eyes:

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My email’s kinda slow getting to me…:snail:

(Alex Sherwood) #14

My bad, it was an in-app message. You should get it as soon as you open the app.

(Dave Smith) #15

I’ve opened an ISA now, switching seems to work OK. Top up hasn’t gone in yet so I can’t buy anything.

When I switch from Basic to ISA the graphs still shows the total from Basic. Is that a Total portfolio or should it change? I can’t tell because there’s no money in the ISA at the moment

The actual figure correctly shows £0

(Alex Sherwood) #16

It should change.

(Dave Smith) #17

It doesn’t, maybe it’s just because there is nothing in the ISA?

(Alex Sherwood) #18

In that case the total portfolio value for your ISA should show as £0.

(Jon) #19

Same with mine, shows portfolio of 0 but the graph from my basic account.

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(Dave Smith) #20

The number on screen is correct, It’s just the graph that isn’t changing

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