Some Bugs that need fixing 🐛

:freetrade: Please fix :pleading_face:

There’s a few bugs i experience, hopefully its not just me

Performance graph issues

Bug 1

If you have two accounts GIA, ISA and one has more graph data than the other, switching between them can cause the UI to incorrectly update.


ISA only has data for 1 month
GIA has data for 1+ years

Setting the graph to 1 year in GIA loads the 1 year graph.
Switch to ISA and it switches to the 1 month graph (acceptable)
Switch back to GIA and it shows the 1 year graph but highlights the 1M indicator.

This happens with any other time frame so long as one account is younger than that timeframe.

Bug 2

I don’t know how to replicate this one easily, but on occasion the graph wont load data :man_shrugging:
It just shows a blank graph, to fix it i have to tap a timeframe for it to reload the graph data.

One method to replicate this is to load freetrade, swtich app and switch back, on occasion it will stop showing graph data. I’ve also has this happen when loading the support chat and going back to the main part of the app and graph data doesnt load. ive also had it happen when leaving the app in the background and coming back to it later.

It seems like some sort of timeing issue? If you just sit there any wait it eventually reloads the graph, but that is obviously not a nice user experience.

Chat bugs

Bug 3
When in a chat, leaving the app (to get some info for example) and coming back results in the text box for responding to disappear. You have to close out the app and open it up again to get it back.

This one is actually pretty annoying as it makes it more difficult than it should be to interact with support.


To add to this my TWRR (max) returns a 100% loss, due to the fact I’ve withdrawn all my funds at one point. Only a small thing but I’d love to see my total returns benchmarked. fingers crossed it will be amended soon :crossed_fingers:

Edit: I’d like to add Freetrade have fixed this bug :bug:


Another UI bug [Fixed :white_check_mark:]


Open a stock.
Scroll up to display the name of the stock

Go to place a sell or by order (you do not need to place the order) place an order or cancel the screen to return to the stock page

The app takes you back to the stock screen, it moves the stock icon to the same line as the stock name.

This happens no matter the size of the stock name, but only on the larger stock names does it block over part of the name.

Looks like a bug that’s not taking into account the name length.

Expected: either the stock icon is always displayed with the name and makes room for each (it isn’t by default except in this instance), or its never displayed with the name.


Another bug. [Fixed :white_check_mark: (looks to be a new implementation of switching accounts)]

Sometimes switching accounts doesn’t switch accounts. It just stays there on the menu option with the new account selected but doing nothing.

No idea how to replicate it it seems random, but it seems to happen when there are other slow downs in the app (like right now)


Great work Eden


Feel free to add any you see.

It’s these small ones that make a bit of a difference imo when using the app. they’re not game breaking but its certainly noticeable.


When I purchase a stock or sell a stock it is removed from my watchlist for some reason and I have to re-add it, can be quite irritating.


Small syntax bug [Fixed :white_check_mark: ]

Fractional shares above 1 but below 2 are labelled as 1.x ‘share’ instead of ‘shares’


Hi all :wave:
Thank you for identifying and posting these bugs. With our latest app releases (iOS 3.3.0 and Android 1.0.14526) we have fixed a few of these bugs (eg. the large font on company names in some states and the chart not loading when returning to the app). We have a number of bugs that we have fixed and we have a few more fixes going out before the holidays. As bugs get reported, we will always log them and prioritise them accordingly to get fixes out as soon as possible depending on the severity and complexity.

Thanks for all the help! :pray:


Are FT aware that the Android app still does not have a way of seeing all the buy/sell history from the recent activity?


iOS: MvGu


Awesome thanks @jani. Out of curiosity what’s the best way to report them? Worth putting them on the forum with the crews detail?


Yep I’m on minus profit at the moment and one bug I’d like to add is the transfers of cash between gia and isa still go on the statement as top up not transfer and its frustrating that the app doesn’t update fast enough. I would like to see a summary page that you can see online as the printable statements just arnt at the right time for me.

[Fixed :white_check_mark: ]
Another graph bug. Not really sure what to say on this one. First time I’ve seen it and it’s only showing on the 1 day graphs (one day graph was working fine earlier today)

Something to do with it being after midnight? Does it not do the last 24 hours?

Edit: so I expect this has something to do with the 1 day graph starting from midnight each day. Which maybe isn’t technically a bug, but it kind of odd to see from a user perspective

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there’s a bug on limit orders in plus. You can only set a max of three stop losses. So if your position exceeds 29k you can’t cover it all with a stop loss.

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Because you can’t have more than £10k per trade? If so that’s due to the PTM levy not currently being supported

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Sadly this won’t be a bug more of a feature change request. :wink:

Other threads likely more appropriate (as you’ll have more people getting behind you)

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I’ve been trying to get them to add this for ages, it would make life so much easier.

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Graphing bug from stock splits and reverse splits

See Aston Martin - What happene?

This isn’t the only stock this bug has appeared on


It did get sorted on apple and tesla eventually but I think its manual.

Account switching seems to have changed slightly? It looks like It deliberately loads on switching now… so this might have been fixed