Graph issue

This is my graph for today; I can see the stock prices changing but not the graph

The 7D onwards are fine

I’m seeing the same with the 1D graph but I’m sure FT are onto it.

This isn’t the first time

I’ve got this bug and I believe it will usually update around 10:40/42

I just checked and mine is now updating.

Mine has also updated now but there are only two points on the graph

09:37 and 11:27 and it is just a straight line between them

I was told that they changed how they processed the graphs so they’re back filing all data for all consumers so this will take time. Guess it’s part of their improvements?

Probably why they just updated the way they loaded the graphs :wink: , but I never had that issue myself maybe talk to the staff via inapp chat?

Had this for past 3 days Freetrade are looking into it for me.

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