Share prices stuck?

Roblox graph update bit nowhere near the end of the graph, and the end of the graph itself showing almost an hour ago. Anyone else?


Yes. I am having the same issue.

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Mines been stuck since half 3 also. Deleted all data and cache. Nothing. Glad to hear others are experiencing the issue.

I assume it doesn’t affect any actual buys or sells, but still stresses me out a bit.

I’m seeing the same for US stocks but the UK ones seem ok.


Also experiencing this issue on a US stock right now, iOS app.

Same. All my US stock prices not updating at all!

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Mine’s all better now. Thanks!

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I call this the future-price bug. I requested it as a feature on all shares as it would really help my portfolio being able to see an hour or two ahead! :laughing:

I had it on another share a few weeks ago but it fixed itself eventually.

Yeah US stock prices are stuck, not ideal for Buying and Selling stock as the quoted price is also stuck

It’s the same for me except it moved in the wrong direction a couple of cents and tells me it was last updated 12:50pm my time…

Some U.K. stocks seems slow to update this morning Avon protection and darktrace still showing over night prices at 8.35


Yeah, same here.

Same for me

Have the Russians killed Google Cloud?


Hey. We’re aware of an issue affecting the display of some UK stock prices in-app and are working to fix this now.

Orders can still be placed. While this issue is ongoing, please use an alternative data source to check stock prices before submitting an order.

Thanks for your patience, and sorry for any inconvenience in the meantime.


Looks like the issue is now resolved, sorry again for any inconvenience.


I had the same problem all morning, I’ve updated to the latest IOS app and that has resolved the issue.