US market prices not updating since market open?

Hi all

is it just me or has the app not updated prices since US market open at 14:30 BST? Anyone know whats going on?

Many thanks

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Me too. I thought my shares hadn’t gone down very much for once! :smile::sunglasses:

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I’m having the same trouble - really concerning!

Anyone else having this issue today? Not expecting much help from the team as its platty jubes…

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Yeah me too!! :grimacing:


I opened the app this afternoon to reinvest the cash I have on there, but the prices of US stocks (and probably those of other markets, but they’re mostly closed currently) wasn’t updating.

So I Googled the price of the stock I was looking at going for and went back on the freetrade app to put through the transaction. In doing so, a notification popped up at the bottom saying the prices on my device hadn’t been updated since 00:59 this morning - I went ahead with it nonetheless since I knew the latest price.

Bear in mind I have a perfectly good internet connection & the device (Pixel 6 Pro) seems to be just as normal. I cleared the cache & storage used by the app, forced stop, uninstalled and reinstalled it, restarted the device - still no different.

The app now reports inaccurate information about my profits/losses since the prices are still not up to date. Has my transaction even gone through?? Is this a freetrade server problem?Please help!

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just got an in app notification - the engineering team are working on it.

ngl - using google/trading view for now for price info

trade safe ~

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Chillax George it will have gone through at the “updated” price and the profit/loss showing now (based on last night’s closing) will correct itself.

I had the same thing. Bit annoying!


Glad you got the app notification.

We’re aware of the issue impacting live pricing for the US market.

Our engineering team are working to fix this as a priority.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

If I get any further update, I’ll let you know.


Been informed the issue has been resolved. Sorry again for any inconvenience.


This happens quite a bit - not all stocks though it seems that today. With no complaint, can I ask what the actual issue is? What is it that generally runs normally but cocks up here and there?

The buy/sell buttons are faded in the app today and I can’t use them, not great for an online broker.

Hi @Lee76 which stock is the issue? Mine looks fine.

Most of mine have been like this on and off today, seems to go away if I go in and out of it a few times but not ideal

Had exactly the same thing for Tesla, IONQ.

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