Stock prices incorrect in Freetrade?

Hi everyone, it’s my first post on the forums. :wave: I just wanted to ask if there is a known issue with stock prices in Freetrade Android? There seem to be some discrepancies between Freetrade and other services. For example Ashtead (AHT) with a price of £22.30 in Freetrade, whereas services such as Yahoo Finance or Marketwatch show a price of £22.34. As the result Freetrade indicates daily loss and other services show a gain. Another example: Lloyds (LLOY) @ £0.57 in Freetrade but £0.5691 elsewhere.

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No need to worry Freetrade usually runs a final price update 2/3 minutes before the close of business. This usually accounts for the price difference. I have asked why they can’t run the update either at close or post, doesn’t seem to be a priority.


I’ve noticed end of day pricing discrepancies and also discrepancies between the prices and charts shown in FT. e.g. stocks that are up in price, alongside a chart that is shows a fall. It often seems that the data is not up to date and not in sync … so I am never quite sure whether the figures in FT are correct or not…

Yep, pricing is not always in sync with the market. Hoping people aren’t relying on any of the data in the app to make trading decisions…

That’s exactly why we have this on every stock page in the app.


I hope this is the pipeline to fix this. As an investor and a future user, the more freetrade keeps the user in the app with good info/speed etc. the better


Sure, it’s still worth highlighting and raising it’s as something to be improved sooner rather than later.

I’m confident somewhere down the line this will be worked on by the development team at FT.

I think getting the prices as accurate as possible would be good, it would avoid some confusion.

I made a thread for this here - please add to the votes: Real-time in app pricing

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Just to add, with penny stocks like SXX would it be easier to have something like the following to view a more realistic stock price

Might be a tad confusing if you’ve only just joined the app though


There’s a few of reasons why you may see a difference between the prices we display in the app & the prices that’re displayed by a service like Yahoo Finance:

  • The prices in our app are ‘indicative’ so we don’t aim to show the live market price. Instead prices are there to give you a rough idea of what you can expect to pay when you buy / sell a stock. We explain this in the app.

  • The prices that’re shown on sites like Google / Yahoo Finance are often delayed. In other words, it’s common that they’ll show you the price from 15 minutes ago.

  • The price that we display is the ‘mid’ price, other sites may display the bid or ask price.

  • The starting point for our daily loss / gain figures might be different. The % that we display is calculated based on the last close price & the first point on our graphs show today’s opening price.

The key thing to remember is that we use the live market price when you make an order. We will keep on improving on the information that we display in the app too :woman_scientist:

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Hi Alex, thanks for the detail.

I understand that you use 15m delayed pricing and other sites may use real time… but at the end of the day, after markets have closed I would expect that your price would be inline with other finance apps; that you would use the same methodology for calculating daily fluctuations. What I tend to see is others such as Google, yahoo, webull all show same open/close/change figures and FTs are different…


Agreed - at the very least I would expect the open and close prices to be accurate.


Same. While I don’t really mind the prices being out of sync slightly during trading day, they should imho be accurate at the start and end of play.


There is a 15 min delay - there is an open vote here to get this changed to instant pricing: Real-time in app pricing

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No. Prices are made on the exchange, nothing to do with what you see on freetrade.

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Hi, i bought shares using freetrade. When the transaction went through, it was not at the price which the market was trading that stock for at that particular time. So I bought the share at 11.20am, each share for the stock was 124.20. When it went through the app, I was charged £1.33 for each share. I understand that the price shown when about to purchase may be indicative, but when the transaction goes through, it should be at the price of the share in the market at that particular time

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What stock?


Looks fine. @pppuf
Spread was 124.3 - 133.9 @11.20 when you traded

FinKi LSE Share Price Predition API can help you see the price spread you’re likely to encounter

You have to be aware of the Bid/Ask difference. The market was not “trading at 124.2”. It was trading at 124.3 to sell and 133.9 to buy.

The fractional difference you got is the “price improvement” Freetrade got because of routing your order via an RSP. That’s the “O” (ordinary) reference against your trade. “Ordinary” as it was routed to market for a market price. Versus “AT” (automatic) which kinda means it’s sitting “on book” waiting for a matching order to take the other side of the trade.