Delay in showing stock info

Hi there,

Is anyone else experiencing this?

It’s 3.20pm on a Monday, yet my UK stocks are stuck on 10.17am, and my US stocks are stuck on Thursday. A couple of my UK stocks are stuck on last week also.

This has been like this for a few weeks and I’m sure I read something similar and someone said an update was coming- which was true, I installed the update yet it hasn’t work on my app.

I’ve logged out and in, deleted and reinstalled yet my stock prices are still a good few hours/days behind??

Which ones?

Have you tried turning the wifi off and on?



Most of them, really weird. My Tesla is currently stuck on 1 and it’s now gone 5pm.

Others are similar and it makes it incredibly difficult to buy/sell.

Didn’t think of this, tried it and was the same.

Weirdly, if i stay on the app long enough it will refresh and update, but if i don’t go on it for a few hours/couple of days, that’s when it seems to lag. Bit annoying when trying to buy/sell

Tesla is updating every few seconds on my device.

Hard to really say without more example, other than contacting support.

Have you checked your device’s app/data settings? Might be worth checking that power settings don’t prevent background usage, or whether data usage or similar isn’t restricted when the app isn’t in use or is not in focus.

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Hi @sdebar - Is this still an issue for you? I’ve raised with the relevant team to see if there are any known issues at the moment.

Hi Max, i don’t think it is any more. @JimmyJ’s answer was what I needed to do. I had to change the settings for the app to run in the background.

Great stuff!