Market data delay

Haven’t received any market data this morning. No updates since 16.26 on Friday.
Anyone else experiencing this? Contacted Live Chat but no response yet.

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Yes, me too. Nothing has moved since Friday.

That’s good to know, Thanks. App seems a bit laggy to me. Had a reply from James, he’s looking into it.

Portfolio numbers have changed now but individual stocks still showing Friday info

Thanks, we can see that our pricing data’s being delayed for some users, we’re looking into that now.


The data should be up to date now, thanks for bearing with us. Please drop us a message on live chat if you have any issues.


I still see delays of <10 minutes as opposed to realtime data

This is the case for LSE stocks that are sourced from CBOE, there tends to be up to 15 minutes delay. The US stocks, on the other hand, are sourced from IEX and only have 5 minutes delay.
The delays should not be a problem since they are applicable to most places, and even if you go directly to NASDAQ or Yahoo Finance, they will have delays too.

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IEX data can be found live here if I’m not mistaken: Market Data & Connectivity | IEX Exchange | IEX Group

Therefore, I would expect the app to provide IEX data in real time as you can find it freely online?

Do not get me wrong, I did not say you cannot find real-time quotes freely, only that there are delays applicable to Freetrade. I am sure if getting those into the app was simple, Freetrade would have done it, which may mean there are more technicalities and costs than can be seen at first glance.

This is what Ian, the Head of Engineering said about real-time quotes:

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I have shares not loading current value and the sum of those shares has dropped off my portfolio total :frowning:

Close the app and update through App Store :wink:

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Same happened to me. Updating the app sorted the feeds but the portfolio graph is still skewed.


Feel a bit silly now as I hadn’t spotted the update. Fixed it straight away, thanks for the replies.

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