Why the Delay for Basic Orders?

It’s happened a few times now where I’ve set up a basic order, scheduled to execute for free at 16.00 yet an hour or more later it’s still showing as ‘queued’ in the app, the stock hasn’t updated with the number of shares and under the account tab the cash is still reserved.
This applies also to ‘instant’ orders which in my experience haven’t been anything like instant.

How do we know our orders are being executed on time?


Hey Chris, sounds like an issue that’s worth buzzing our customer ops team on in-app chat about.

I think the activity feed/ queue is delayed. I had that problem as well but the order had executed.

I wonder which service they are using for the activity feed/ queue cause it’s had quite a few problems lately.

Had the same issue!
Was worried it was a repeat of last week but it’s okay now. Contacted the team and was told my orders had been executed just that my account needed syncing.

I know it doesn’t help you guys but I placed 7 instant trades today and all went through instantly with all the contract note etc all updated straight away. I did notice the basic trades very slow last week.
Also my 2 top ups today showed in around an hour.

Maxed my Freetrade ISA out to the £20,000 allowance today so no more top ups for me this tax year :palm_tree:

My only trades will be to reinvest dividends. As these will be relatively small amounts I will definitely use the basic trades for these.


Good job Richard! Flying high my friend.

I tend to get issues every so often with my trades, but the customer service team just re-sync my account. I’ve started to just leave it now and it will update by the next morning. I tend to not stress anymore.

Anyone else still waiting on a basic order to go through from today ?

Sorted now :grinning:

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Had this issue for two days where it happened. Really didn’t bother me that much tho.