Missing money in my account

Hey guys has anyone else had this issue.
4:06 pm today I put an instant £1 order to buy 17 shares of abbvie for £927+ And noticed the order hadn’t gone through and the funds were in the reserve cash section which was weird and was annoying because I really wanted to get that order at that price. I spoke to the freetrade staff and they said it should be fixed now so I looked and the £927+ has be wiped from my portfolio and the order still hasn’t gone through. I was told it could take an hour to get back to normal but this is a bit scary to be honest, the fact that £927 is missing. Anyone had this issue??

Sometimes it does take a wee while for the shares to appear. If in app they say the trade has processed, then in my experience it has. I know it’s frustrating but I would suggest waiting a bit longer (till tomorrow morning…)!

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It’s not the shares so much that’s troubling it’s the fact that nearly 1k has been wiped out of my portfolio

I’m sorry to hear that you’re concerned here Louis. We occasionally have display issues in the app when the app gets out of sync with the system that manages your account. Your account will be up to date though & as my colleague mentioned, once the app gets back in sync, everything will be where it should be.

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UPDATE: staff suggested I updated to the new update which I did and all seems to be sorted now. Thanks guys


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Hi Alex, any plans to address the ‘sync’ issues? I’ve had a few and it’s frustrating and concerning, especially when trades are not shown on the account in real time and money is ‘missing’ as in this case… it’s one of the reasons I would struggle to recommend FT at the moment.

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Yes this is one of the reasons why building our Investment Platform is so important. It’ll give us total control of the connection between the app and the system managing your account so we’ll be able to prevent this sort of issue from happening.

We’re still building it at the moment but we’re aiming to have switched everyone over to the new platform by the end of the year.