Funds still not showing

I created my account almost 2 weeks ago and have tried to fund the account with no success. I raised this in the app and by the time someone got back to me Freetrade had already arranged for the money to be returned.

I attempted to fund the account this week and it’s not showing. This was 3 days ago, I worried it’s going to be refunded before anyone responds to my in app messages again.

Can anyone from Freetrade help me fix the issue?

Hi Chelsea,

Someone from freetrade will respond to you in app, sounds like they are gradually getting round to responding to the vast amount of queries and new sign ups that the last couple weeks has bought.

On the top up, did it give you the option to go direct to you bank account for the transaction or did you have to enter sort code etc from your bank?

Hi Wulfy,

Thanks for replying back.
It went straight to my bank account.

They have now refunded my money twice and sent a message today with a list of reason why they may not have been allocated.

When they said it was been passed to the operations team I thought I was finally going to get some help/ understanding. Three weeks later and I still can’t use the app. I can’t fix if I don’t know what the problem is!

Very frustrating.

I’m also paying for the ISA account I haven’t been able to use. Can I close the ISA account I have with Freetrade if I need to move to a different platform?