Dedicated channels and how we’re scaling support for you, 15th Feb 2021

Hi everyone

We are working through the backlog of customer enquiries, and we’re planning to respond to everyone soon.

To help answer your questions and provide you support you need faster as we scale, we’re introducing a more efficient way to provide customer support.

If you need help from now on, please contact one of the following emails:

Topic Email
Deposits/withdrawals, moving cash between accounts
ISA transfers
Change account details, e.g. address, bank account
Account verification, identity check
Any other queries

If you see new community members on this forum, please help us send them to the appropriate email address!

Plus members can still access in-app support, though there is a delay in responding. We are working to build back our near-instant response times.

We’ll get back to you via email as soon as we can! :pray:

Thanks for your continued support and patience.


How long will account verification take?

If we’ve requested documents from you and you’ve sent/uploaded these, we’ll review them and provide you with an update in 7-10 working days , hopefully sooner!

How long do bank transfers take?

Bank transfers can take 2 - 4 business hours to reach your account and we process them between 8 AM and 8:30 PM, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. After business hours, we will process your deposit the next day.

If you have notifications enabled, your app will send you a notification when your money is available in your account.

If it doesn’t arrive as expected, just send an email to with the amount you sent.

I signed up using my friend’s link, when will I get my free share?

If you and your friend have both funded your account with at least £1, you’ll both be eligible for a free share. We reveal your free share every Wednesday from 3 PM, but at the moment this will be spread over various days and weeks due to the very high number of them. Please wait at least 14 days before asking about your free share. Thank you!

I sold my shares and can’t withdraw money?

Many UK stock orders will typically settle 2 working days after they were made, also known asT+2, and US stock orders typically after 3 working days, called T+3 which is the industry standard.

Cash will then settle in your account two to three business days later.

How about withdrawals?

You can withdraw money from your Freetrade account to your linked bank on the Account screen in-app. Withdrawals will take 3-5 working days to process to your bank.

You can also search for help on various other topics on our Help Hub:

Thanks for your patience,

Freetrade Team


That’s implied.

I don’t think there’s any need for language of that nature. It seems deliberately inflammatory. If you pay for a service and said service includes a better level of support, of course those paying will get a better level of service in this regard.


I disagree, Many new customer are able to join up and get trading without issues. Why shouldn’t they be allowed in? I suspect most of the problems with deposits we see on the forum are due to people doing manual bank transfer and not putting the reference code in


If they are joining up without problems how does stopping them joining help chat support?

We don’t know on this forum what proportion of users have problems, There are over half a million users. There could be hundreds or thousands of complaints on here and it might still only be a tiny proportion of users who are having issues

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I get why you’re angry but 150,000 new users have joined and they’ve had about 30 or so reach the forum. While I know there will be others its hardly overwhelmed quite yet. Several of my friends joined and were trading almost immediately, its only people with issues flagged who have been left in a queue.


I have plus, but the only in app chat function I have is regarding a SIPP, so it’s not working for plus either. I did want to ask why I can’t top up since Friday - TrueLayer isn’t opening up the Nationwide app. Just FYI Freetrade


They stopped taking customers because their entire platform collapsed. Not really the same issue.

I’m sure freetrade have looked at their options and believe they’re in a good position to continue accepting new customers


Please remember this is a positive space for discussions and learning.

Violating any of the rules might result in your account getting suspended.

You can familiarise yourself with the community rules here:


I don’t think it’s Freetrade that flagged your comment. I think it’s community members. I think that’s a valid point even though I don’t agree that they should stop onboarding new customers.


Hi Frino,

As long as comments serve the community purpose which is to create a positive space for discussions and learning, then we will not have to intervene. Our role is to monitor and keep this forum safe for everyone, the rest is up to our community :pray:


The important point here is that for many (presumably the vast majority) of customers the features are still working as intended - this includes new customers and this is why there has been a decision made for no restrictions to have been applied to new customer sign ups at this moment.

Everyone is entitled to their view and to express this, but forum posts debating whether there should be a ban on new customers now feels like it has stemmed into something more inflammatory.

Feedback is important, and I’m sure it will be reviewed and any relevant actions needed will be implemented. After acknowledgement of the concerns, which has been received, continual or repeat requests likely won’t serve much benefit and will end up spiralling out of control (as unfortunately appears to be happening here).

Freetrade absolutely will want to do what is best at the end of the day for their customer base, without customers they don’t have a business so doing something to deliberately lose customers would be rather backwards.


Absolutely, I agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion and some comments appear to have either been misconstrued or inflammatory.

It does appear however that this is descending into something unnecessary and paints possibly a worse image than a small number of customers having issues - would any potential new customer really want to see a community at each other in the manner that is happening and think “I want to be a part of that”?

Disagreements are fine, but everyone’s opinion should be respected and there must be a time to agree to disagree and draw a line under as opposed to revert to negative comments being thrown around with no real additional value.


This topic really should have been locked from the get go if it was just an update and not a discussion

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not sure it’s reasonable for the support to drop below the advertised standard though.

also - might be best if FT tried to communicate using precise, clear language.

they are not handling this well and people are losing patience with the team.

additionally the tendency for forum members to attack anyone who descents from the party line is worrying.


Potentially worth putting an in app notification/message to alert users who are not on the forum?


I agree with you here. The flagging of disgruntled users comments just makes things worse. The fact that you can still see banned users’ comments is going to dissuade new forum members most of which are on here who have been struggling with their experience. If they cross a line and get personal then by all means flag it but there needs to be some leeway given people’s circumstances

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Is this supposed to be a joke? No response at all let alone near-instant response time!


They are working to get back up to full speed, chill out.

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