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I have sent the £1 via bank transfer using my linked bank account using the unique reference number provided, I keep getting asked to repeat this. Why won’t it let me withdraw when I’ve followed the instructions correctly? I seen another post regarding this issue from earlier in the month but I can’t seem to find it again. When I use the chat it just tells me they are too busy to talk - which I find shocking as I should be as equally valued as any other customer. Anyway, can someone help? I need this ongoing issue resolving ASAP.

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You could email here.

When I made my first withdrawal I had to wait a few hours after transferring the £1 before I was able to proceed.

What are people withdrawing after only depositing £1? I’m obviously missing something

You have to deposit £1 to get your free referral share.

Oh, so people are signing up, selling their free share, depositing £1 then withdrawing the £1 + free share?

One can only presume so.

I don’t think that’s the case. The £1 you have to transfer to set up withdrawals is separate from the £1 top-up required for the free share

It has been over 48 hours

Not in my case, I’m attempting to withdraw some shares I have sold. They have gone into the withdraw-able cash, when you attempt to withdraw it asks you to deposit £1 via bank transfer into a Freetrade account using your linked bank account (so they can verify it is in fact you trying to withdraw the money I presume), so I’ve deposited the £1 but it still won’t let me withdraw, it asks me to deposit yet another £1. I am stuck in this cycle.

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I imagine if people topped up via Apple / Android Pay then they would need to go through a bank verification to withdraw.

At least I hope people aren’t just signing up for the free share…

I don’t know anything about a free share, I couldn’t care less about a poxy free share. I just want my money :joy:. I did deposit with Apple Pay now you mention it, however I’ve still done the bank transfer with the corresponding bank account. I don’t see a reason why I can’t withdraw. Pretty disappointed to be honest and it looks like no one has a solution. I’ve emailed Freetrade so with any luck they resolve it for me.

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I have the same problem @Darlo_mag did it get resolved?