Deposit not showing

Is this becoming a problem?
This morning at around 10am I made a transfer of £1000 via the app straight from my bank account into my ISA account.
By 16.00 the money had not arrived, previously I have deposited using this method and the funds have arrived within the hour if not almost immediately.
At approx 16.10 I initiated a query with Freetrade via the contact us button in the app. This chat has been going on for over 4 1/2 hours with fairly long gaps between question and answer. Apparently the money has been in my ISA since 10.10am. Problem is it’s not in my account as far as I can see. I have tried logging out, deleting the app, turning off WiFi, restarting my phone, result nothing.
Now I am being passed on to another dept and it may take 2/3 working days. That will be Thursday ? Meantime I am down £1000.
My question is has anyone else has this problem or is it just me ?

Same happened to me, I made a transfer from my bank account at around lunch time and it hasn’t arrived free trade so far.

Very disappointing as it is supposed to be an “instant transfer” and now I probably will have to wait until at least Tuesday. So essentially I can’t trust Freetrade to make quick investments if I see an opportunity.

Im expecting people to say the app is made for long term investment so entry point is irrelevant. Or so is the excuse for most shortcomings.

It’s just the randomness of it. I have done the exact same before and the deposit arrived without any problem.
I am about to transfer part of my pension into a Freetrade SIPP, I will wait to see how this problem is dealt with before going any further.