Deposit issues - my story

Wow. :neutral_face:

I’m a plus member and an investor in Freetrade itself and I am left terribly disappointed by this experience so far.

I bank transferred some money into my GIA last week. It hit my FT GIA in a few hours. All good.

The next day I transferred some more into GIA. It didn’t hit for hours. I contact support who say I sent from the wrong bank account. Hands up here, turns out I did… BUT… I did the day before too! I sent money from an unlinked bank account that hit my account, and the next day it didn’t.

Anyway, the money that didn’t hit is now on it’s way back to me - 3-5 working days they said.

I opened up an ISA today and transferred some money from my correctly linked bank account in to my ISA this morning. It hits fine.

I transfer some more in about 2 hours ago, exactly the same process, bank account ===> ISA.

Just had a chat message from support saying my deposit can’t be allocated and I should expect to see it back in my account, this time 10-14 working days from now :rofl:

So naturally I’m a bit miffed as to why this has happened. Started a conversation with support, and chatbot starts asking me about my pension provider, transferring me the specialist SIPP team.

What?! SIPPs?! Do FT even do SIPPs at the mo?


I’m confused.

Anyone else suffered with or like this?!

Hi George,

Sorry to hear this has caused some confusion on your side and for the delay in response, we’ve had an enormous spike in new customers and messages recently and are working to resolve these cases of cash not being automatically allocated to accounts. We understand how frustrating this is right now.

To speed up our response we have set up new processes and are making progress in catching up on messages. We are managing expectations due to the backlog which is why the latest update is now 10-14 working days. We will look into this and will get back to you as soon as possible within this timeframe.

Hello Doyin

Thanks for your reply.

My issue isn’t really with funds going missing its with the confusion as to what money is where, what’s been successfully allocated, what’s missing in the ether etc.

How do I find out if my second deposit today is the one that has gone missing, or if the update I had about the 10-14 is actually a new timeline for my first unsuccessful deposit last week?

Hi George,

You’re welcome.

Check out our latest update that will navigate you to the right point of contact for your issue:

Hope this helps :pray:

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