Where's my money?

Hi there,

I uploaded money direct from my account to the freetrade app account yesterday around 6 pm UK time. It has gone from my bnk account but it still hasn’t appeared in the app account. Please can you advise me what to do? I would like it in the freetrade account asap.

Was it your linked bank account? Then just wait, it will arrive soon.

Yes it was. Ok, cool. Thanks : ) I guess if not there in a couple of days then I can start to panic!

It should not take more than a couple of hours (during working hours). :ok_hand:

Did you initiate the transfer by selecting your bank in the Freetrade app or by manual transfer where you enter the account number and sort code yourself?

If it was a manual transfer did you include the reference code?

Most of the deposit process is automatic but it needs to be initiated manually by the staff so it’s only done at semi regular intervals during working hours. It usually seems to be every couple of hours.

I believe your first deposit may take longer to arrive. Not sure of the reason but it could be fraud checks or some similar regulatory requirement.

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That’s what I thought…that’s why I’m worried! Since I did it yest evening and it hasn’t appeared yet. Maybe by end of the day…

Yeh ok. It was through the freetrade app but yes, I did have to enter the sort code etc manually. I think the reference code was sort of automatically included. So yes, hopefully will be done by the end of today. Or as you say, there is some fraud check thing going on.

If you have an ISA make sure it’s not in the GIA or the other way round

No, it’s only in GIA no ISA