Money transfer issues

Joined freetrade yesterday. Made a account transfer of 1000 GBP from HSBC to freetrade account which has still not reached. The app chat function doesn’t have any physical person who can help. I wonder whether I have lost 1000 GBP and where to complain?

It’s a bank holiday today, so you’re unlikely to see the funds until tomorrow. The in app chat is still your best avenue for help.


Welcome, yep as above banks don’t work today. It’ll be there tomorrow if you used your reference number and also used the same bank account you signed up with.

UK markets aren’t open today (just US).


Thank you very much.
I used the app and used linked bank account. Didnt give any option of using reference number. It transferred through truelayer.

It’s entirely possible that HSBC have “delayed” the transfer (even if it’s showing as having been sent in your app), as they have a tendency to be quite “zealous” with fraud checks for new transfers. This is such a common issue for Monzo (i.e. receiving transfers from HSBC) that they have a specific help page to cover it…

Check the FT app tomorrow and I would imagine it should be there by then.

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Money left my HSBC account instantly but has not reached freetrade account

Happens to ne all the time through Santander… . It’d probably best to leave reserves in the freetrade account, so that I don’t miss good price opportunities

It will. But not at 4am on the first day back after the Christmas holidays…

Give it time and I’m sure you’ll be sorted today.

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Still nothing in freetrade account and no one responds in freetrade app chat

I’d made a transfer yesterday hours after I’d posted and it was available this morning before 9am. so I assume the delay is because you are a new customer. It should be available soon.

Bit disturbing that customer service are not responding. All I can suggest is hang in there for another day.

I’m really sorry that you’re not seeing your deposit in your account.

Please can you send me a DM with your Freetrade email and I can check what is causing the delay here?

Hi Gemma,
I have emailed the bank statement as requested.

Will this happen everytime transfer money as I have joint account with my wife

I am unable to find the DM function here.


I completed a bank transfer 2 days a go and as yet the money has not my freetrade account. My bank has confirmed the money has left my account. but have been unable to reach anyone via the chat service

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Hi @BilalAday

You’ll need to reach out on

Did you get the correct reference number? They can track it down for you if not through the support email but like you said 2/3 days is normal.

I just topped up with the bank linked top-up and it was pretty much instant.

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Yes i send 3 only 2 transfer in my account

Thank you

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Thank you i send them email let’s see

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Hi where can i send Dm

Click on @Gemhappe name and then the pink banner says ‘message’