Panic over top-up taking more than a few hours


I am a new member of Freetrade. I try to contact with Freetrade in app chat as no contact number. I made transfer from my linked account to top up my Freetrade account but still not reached my Freetrade account. I am a bit worried about my money now because I can’t withdraw any money without the first bank transfer which is not going through.

Deposits are processed in batches throughout the day. I get that you’re worried, but how long has it been? Responses in chat aren’t instant. They’re usually quite fast for me (within an hour) but I believe it says it could be a few hours when you actually write.

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When did you send it? And when did you contact them?

Bank transfer was 17:38 yesterday. In app message today around 9am

Thank you

Any idea what to do now?

I’ve been in contact with their in-app chat since first replying to this thread. Maybe write in the chat again just in case it was somehow missed. As a last resort, you could email and see if that yields a better result.

Did they reply to you?

Yeah. I also told them about this thread and that you hadn’t received a response. They said that they’re busy but that they will reach out soon.

I’m not sure why I got a response. Perhaps these is some prioritisation of Plus customers (assuming you’re not a Plus customer). Or perhaps your message slipped through the cracks, but I can’t imagine that happening since it would all be managed by a queue system.

Sorry I can’t really do more to help :slight_smile:

You may want to remove your email from public view as it will be scooped up by bots (I flagged your post also for this reason just FYI)

Oh ok. Thank you! I deleted but still don’t know what to do if nothing will happen.

I expect they will get back to you, they’re usually pretty good in my experience. As mentioned I’d message them again in they chat you’ve opened for an update.

I’ve had an issue in the past accidentally using the wrong bank to transfer funds, they did fix it took a day or two to sort but the money won’t just disappear.

Still nothing :man_shrugging: Over 10hours now

Had similar a few weeks ago when I messaged them. It took 5 days for a response although admittedly over a weekend. I’m guessing you’re not a member of plus. Seeing as it’s now a “perk” of plus to get a quick response I’m guessing the non plus users may from time to time get a delay like we have both experienced.

Thank you guys all your help… They’re contacted with me finally and looks like my problem will be sort in a couple of day.


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