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Hi been using app a few months now with no problems. However 8 days ago I was unable to top up my account. Contacted my bank and they said the issue was from Freetrade’s side. Been in contact (palmed off) with them all week but still cannot top up. Have followed previous posts on here and followed Freetrade advice e.g. delete download app etc but no joy. Can anyone help/speed up process?

Morning @LdB122

Are you using truelayer?

Have you tried to sent a ‘manual’ payment using your account number, sort code and reference?

Hi, yes sent 1 pound and not sure where it went but it’s not gone to my account.

You’re probably best reaching out to support as they can root around and find out where your money went.

Did that earlier. Messaged back they’ll get back in a couple of days each dept says the same thing, it’s now been 10 days, my stocks have climbed 10 percent. So frustrating.

Hi there. Did you manage to resolve this & can you tell me how? I’m now having the same issue. Freetrade asked for screenshots which I sent. Still waiting on a reply

Hi somehow it began to accept transfers about a week later. Freetrade said it was down to an issue with the Lloyd’s account which had problems for a few individual days. This didn’t tie up with my problem as I kept trying to transfer money 2 or 3 times a day. Tried topping up a few days ago and it’s happening all over again. How are you getting on with it?

Weird one, happened to me a few months ago and is happening now to someone I recommended (fairly embarrassing conversation ensued).

Basically a few months ago a lot of banks upgraded security process of paying through apps. Unfortunately Freetrade have not kept up with the upgrade. Rather frustrating considering Freetrade is app only.

They just said it was an Open banking technical issue with in app transfers.
I was told to do direct online transfer from my linked account. So I tried a test amount of £5 & no issues.
Customer service informed me that they would let me know when the issue was resolved back on 09/6/22. Not heard anything and I haven’t tried to top up in app since to know if it’s working. Will try again end of month (payday) & update you.

Well sounds pretty much like my situation. If I go into my bank account online and transfer it over it’s fine (for anyone trying this you must put Freetrade Limited as recipient then the sort code and account number then the reference code-just try £1 first, usually get notification instantly, if all’s good send required amount over), but using truelayer to top up won’t work so guess I’ll stick with online banking method. Thanks for response, all the best.

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I noticed that sometimes when i try and top up when the markets are closed the app gives me jip sometimes saying there is a problem with my bank. But i’ve not had an issue when the markets are open.

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I’ve had an email today to say the issue has been resolved. I will try it via truelayer tomorrow & update you.

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