Can’t top up my account

Hi I’ve linked my bank but when I go to top up through bank transfer, it tells me to copy reference which I can’t seem to do. Then when I hit done I get the same options every time any idea what’s going on or am I just not seeing something very simple?Any advice is much appreciated

You can manually type the reference in on your banking app/online banking if it won’t copy. Just be careful that you enter it correctly :sweat_smile:

Just tested it. I hold it it says it isn’t copied but when I paste it, it has been so try and see if it’s worked

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Ah perfect so I take it just go into my bank and set up a direct debit or new payment?

Yeah just a bank transfer with the account number, sort code and reference. Won’t be added to your Freetrade account until tomorrow but that gives you more time to research :grin:

And your bank should remember those details for next time so you won’t need to enter them again

@McCool83 Just a heads up, I don’t think the top up will finalise over the weekend. As @Rat_au_van had said, make sure you type the reference correctly if not copied!

Thanks for the advice guys appreciate the help :+1:t2: Hopefully they add stocks for block chain that’s something worth keeping an eye on :ok_hand:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

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