Missing top up

Hi all

I helped a friend set up her freetrade account yesterday and did her first top up. For some reason the bank account selection was not working so we had to go down the manual top up route instead. The banking details appeared on the screen to make the top up from her bank to transfer the money to her account

On her natwest app all details were put in and we put the reference as top up. We realised the mistake later when the money did not appear on her freetrade account that there was a unique reference number to enter

So question is what we can do from here to get this £1000 back please or get it linked correctly! Can anyone help?

Thank you

You’ll need to email them - it may be a few days until the funds are allocated manually

It’s not a great fund allocation process on the whole, as it has multiple means of user error and the response times aren’t quick enough for free users at the moment

I made a similar error, using the wrong bank account with the correct reference. Got a reply after 2 days but having responded to them, I’ve still not got a reply 20 hours later…

Thank you so much. Will send that now


Got a quicker response than


For me

Hi @reggiebabs I’ve dm’d someone from FT on your behalf to see if they have anyone working today to help out. Not sure if they’re around with it being a weekend but hopefully it’ll get sorted quickly.

Once you’ve done it once it’ll be smoother in the future.

Could you help some of the crowdfunding members on the forum? We track user sign ups with the user number people are assigned. It serve no other purpose and you can blank the last two digits it you prefer - and the sign up date too.

You’ll earn so many pointless internet :heart: you won’t know what to do with them all!

If you can help we’d all be internally grateful.


I got a reply on a Saturday - but I’m not sure if it was the last message before closing up shop as I’ve not heard back since

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If I top up over the weekend, it never shows up until Monday morning, usually after 9 and often nearer 10.
Also, it sometimes disappears for a few minutes while the funds are finalising. Worrying when it first happened.

Any top up I make to the app from my linked bank account usually arrives within seconds of making the transfer (look in freetrade ‘account’).
Sometimes though it takes a while for the actual notification to arrive.

She didn’t put her reference in the transfer though and it’s listed as “top up”. I think the issue is they will not know who it is from

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They will find out eventually. It will imply a manual process which takes time