Where has my money gone after top up!?


I topped up my account with a bank transfer a few days ago. I’d forgotten to add the reference for my account so the money has disappeared. I’ve been messaging FT for days with no replies. How can i actually contact someone to fix this?

Welcome to Freetrade, Phil. The team has been mighty busy with the onslaught of new users.

@Gemhappe or another member of the FT team might be able to help you out. Try sending a direct message.

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Don’t worry, as long as you sent it to the correct Freetrade account, they can find it and rectify that

Sorry you’re still waiting, I think they FT are up to their eyeballs in customer enquiries atm

Yeah i usually use Google pay to top up but this time I’d onky used the account number and sort code to send the money to. :sleepy:

Hi Phil,

I’ll DM you about this now.

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Hi Gem,
This has happened to me too. I did put the reference on, but I sent it from my business account and I think that was my mistake. So, I wired the money on Thursday and its disappeared. I then trying wiring money from my personal account, but that has failed too. I think that’s because my name is double-barrelled on a business account. Wondered if you could help, I did send messages about 3 days ago on CHAT. Thanks Wes.

I’ll DM you so we can take a look.

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Hi Gem,

I linked my accounts so investing is not a problem now. However, the 1,000 I sent over from my business account still has not been refunded. I had a message on Monday saying it had been actioned, but is still not back in my account. Can you look at it for me please?
Kind regards
Wes Markin