Topups from Non-Linked Account

Hi there,

I made 2 top-ups from unlinked accounts and only just realised. They had the correct references but haven’t shown on my account.

I’ve tried to contact through the chat function but had no response.

Any idea how I get my money back / on to my account?



Usually, you’ll be contacted shortly and told it’s from the wrong bank account, and they’ll send you the money back within a few days if you choose to not link that bank account to your Freetrade account.

One was almost a week ago and haven’t been contacted, only realised myself after the second top up.

Is there another way to contact freetrade? My messages have just said ‘not seen’ for some time now

Seen this email addy, maybe worth a try.

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Yeah as this is unlinked, you have two options; you can either unlink your current one and link the new one, then it will take 3-5 days to process to your free trade account or to reverse the payment it can take 30 days to reach back to your bank account.

Is it really now 30 days? That is outrageous if true, the last time it happened to me it only took 3 days

I believe that’s an upto figure. There’s nothing to indicate it won’t take much less time than that.

Hi :wave:

Apologies for the delay on chat, we’re experiencing high volumes at the moment :disappointed_relieved:

If you’ve contacted us already, we’ll get it sorted. In this case, we can update your bank and get the cash applied or return the payment.