Deposit from unlinked account

Hi, I’ve inadvertently made a deposit to my Freetrade account from an account that isn’t linked. The funds have left my bank and I understand that Freetrade can’t accept them because they’re from the wrong bank account. How do I get my funds back and how do I contact Freetrade about this? It seems the Contact option in the app only accesses a knowledge base. Any help will be appreciated.

There should be an orange button marked “send us a message” beneath a row of avatars. Is that not showing?

Try emailing

See the link below for more info:

There will probably be a delay of several days, as their customer service teams are currently overloaded, but don’t worry, you can be confident that the money will be returned.

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Hi buts
Thanks for the response.
The orange button opens a dialogue that say’s we’re experiencing high volumes so please e-mail I’ve done this but it says I’ll get a response in 2-3 days.
Maybe i’ll just have to wait?

Yes it’s best to wait whilst they redirect the funds back to your bank. This can take 3-5 days from the point they initiate the transfer.
I believe that it’s due to regulatory reasons that they can’t allow deposits from non-linked accounts