Where is my deposit

I transferred money from other account that isn’t in my freetrade linked bank account! How can i get refund?

You’ll need to contact FT in-app and provide details of the transfer, although I think such things may be automatically returned (but cannot confirm that).

I think you’ll be offered the chance of a refund (probably 3-5 days), or to change the bank details to the new one you used, but you may need to provide proof that it’s your account (this happened to me a couple of years ago).

So can you help me if you can? What exactly did you do to get you money back, did you ask for help or they just gave you back your money? How could i get my money back,

They contacted me in the chat via the app. I suspect they’ll do the same for you.

Definitely drop them a message, but be prepared to be patient as I imagine it’s going to take a while give the demand over the last week.

Thank you very much for your help