Money missing from deposit

Hi, attempted to add some money to my account today, it’s been taken from my bank but it hasn’t been added to my FT account.

After waiting I added a small amount, just to see if I had missed any error messages etc… this was deposited in under an hour, but my large amount has not materialised. Any help please?

Hey, sometimes a first deposit takes a little longer as they need to verifiy your identify on the bank account etc.

But saying that, if your depsoit hans’t arrived in around 5hrs I would drop an email explaing the situation

Hey, thanks for the reply.

I’ve been a freetrade user for some time now, with multiple deposits, all have been within 4 hours. But some reason today my money has disappeared. I’m sure it will be okay, I would just like some clarity from FT, but the email is 3+ days.

Hmm, I must admit that’s odd if it was from the same bank account etc.

I would add that this is a public forum so memebers probably won’t be able to answer your query but if you try or the in app chat, hopefully you’ll get a response soon.

Hope you have a good weekend

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