Deposit 3 weeks ago - resolved ✅

I don’t really know how freetrade manages the money of their customers but I did a deposit on the 28th of February and there is still no money on my account.
This is really unprofessional and I would like to know if anyone is experiencing the same issues with freetrade as they are simply doing two things taking money and keeping it somewhere and keeping us away from making trades which is actually their purpose
If anyone experienced the same issue I would love to know how this sorted this out

Have you tried contacting them to get it sorted?

Yes I did, emailed them and they said they found my money and that this should be on my account after 7 to 10 days but after 25 days nothing happened. And now they even no longer respond to emails

I am in the same situation. made a deposit on the 25th February and I am still waiting for it to arrive. One email saying that they had found the money and then nothing. Now no-one replies to my emails. It is a worry because I do not know what is happening.

Can someone from freetrade explain here what is going on ?

What email are you trying to contact?

@Freetrade_Team @Viktor @adam

Can you help these people out guys?


I used and
None of them responded
This is unbelievable , we are talking about money here not ordering small items on an online platform !

They finally credited my account today, I believe Boom intervention helped !


I got my funds as well. thankyou to anyone who helped to make it happen.


Glad you got it resolved. I uploaded some money 24 hours ago and it hasn’t been added to my account. Two significantly smaller deposits, that i did to confirm the process afterwards, have been.

2-3 days is the time on the email for a reply. It’s concerning that these things take so long.

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Hey, sorry to hear about issues you’ve had with depositing. This is a public forum so the members won’t be able to help you much here. I recommend dropping an email to and explain your situation

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