Deposit over a month ago still missing!

It’s been over a month now and my deposit is still missing (February the 8th to be exact ) I’ve tried being patient but this is ridiculous.

Before the usual ‘send an email to money because customer service is over ran’ replies start flying in, I have.

I’ve contacted every which way apart from the forum. I’m doing this now with hope it might get noticed by someone else that might actually help.

After having such a great starting experience with Freetrade and recommending to multiple people I’m not only embarrassed with this but im seriously frustrated

How did you make the deposit?

bank transfer

Just troubleshooting here. You’ve used the same method to deposit before?

The first chunk i used apple pay then after hitting the limit i set up bank transfer. Thankfully i did not send the full wedge as i was worried it wouldn’t be smooth sailing thank fully i followed my gut.

To add i went through the process of sending proofs a while ago and still I’m sat frustrated with my money unaccounted for.

Maybe obvious but have you rechecked the reference was correct?

Yes i have, someone from freetrade confirmed they found the money would take 7-10 days to go in its been well past 7-10 days :frowning:

Oh right, well I hope it turns up for you soon pal

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Someone from freetrade told you a BT would take 7-10 working days to appear in your account?

I’m in the same situation at the moment with a relatively small amount, but reading about these issues on this forum and twitter i’m very concerned about the lack of support or reluctance to talk to their customers about these problems.

If freetrade are holding our cash for more than a week without being available to use for trading, something’s seriously wrong, that needs investigating.


I’m the same situation, i’ve deposited funds this morning and they are nowhere to be found (the transfer completed successfully). I don’t mind losing money in the stock market, but like, not this way :confused:

i really wouldnt worry if you only deposited today im sure it will be there tomorrow

3-5 days is standard for bacs but once you’re set up it often takes 1 hour or less.

I’ve read this post i understand its not instant but 1 month and 2 days is a touch late :smile:

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