Deposit not arrived 1 week on - Thank you Helena and Freetrade

Good evening Freetrade,

I have been using the app for a little over a week now and am absolutely loving the experience, the community on here is brilliant too and unrivalled, so…THANK YOU!

However, one issue is that a family member of mine has not received their deposit into their account - even though the funds were taken from their bank account. They sent the funds on 4th February and it is almost a week without any funds or answer from customer support. They were also due to receive a free share from signing up with my link, there is no sign that the link connected with any free share.

I fully understand the last couple of weeks have been crazy busy with high volume across usage and signups, however it has been over a week and it would be great to hear back from someone on this!

Would be really grateful to hear back about this.

Many thanks x

As I believe a thread on the forum says, they’re doing their best. I’m sure it’s frustrating, but posting here doesn’t actually help you, Freetrade or others. This is because the forum accounts aren’t linked to your Freetrade account. So as much as it’s frustrating, be patient. They’ve said they’re getting on top of the backlog, so it hopefully won’t be too long now.

@beermoneytrader I disagree.

It helps others determine whether there are still ongoing issues for new users who are considering to join. It also helps other users experiencing similar issues to let them know they’re not alone.

Frankly, in the last few weeks messages in-app were left unanswered or unread for days while communication on the forum was better, so I’m not surprised people post here.


Hi pal,

As I believe my post says, I am fully aware and appreciative of the issues they are having with volume of new users and issues. My post wasn’t aggressive, or lacking understanding at all.

However, we haven’t received any replies in the app chat feature and not receiving funds that have been sent out is not a small issue, to most people. The thread that they posted gives some information, however it does lack some tangibility or a personal feel.

As a result, I felt a well mannered and considerate post on their usually friendly community page was a good way to try and get a response. I don’t feel that this post does any harm at all, although I apologise if you do. Without any responses on the app, we don’t know if they are aware of this for us :slight_smile:

All the best x

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Hey Connor,

I’m in the same boat. Waiting for money. It’s been taken from my account but hasn’t appeared in my Free Trade one. Plus I’ve sent a couple of messages and had nothing back. I also understand it’s been a busy few weeks but they shouldn’t be accepting new customers, taking money when they can’t keep up with flow interest.



Just to update mate,

We have just received an email replying to the various chats that we posted in the app from a very friendly and helpful Helena, thank you Helena!

Apparently the deposit is safe and with them, however the name used with the bank is written in a different format to the one that was signed up on the Freetrade app and so therefore couldn’t be automatically allocated to the trade account.

This is having to be done manually by their operations team, with high volume this will probably take a couple more days. Hopefully this helps and shows you the process that Freetrade go through.

Thank you Helena and Freetrade x