Almost 3 weeks and Deposit still not arrived

I’ve reached out via multiple in-app chats and have been told over 2 weeks ago that the issue was identified and was being worked on, but would take 7-10 working days. It’s been over that now and still nothing. It’s blowing my mind how poor this service is for me.

I emailed your support email earlier in the week and although I’m reading it takes a few days for a response, I am getting severely impatient.

I need something done about this, whether it’s a fix or a refund. I can’t be dealing with my cash just in limbo.

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Hey, I understand it’s frustrating but I wanted to check if you had seen this and used the dedicated email address at all?

Yeah I did a few days ago, but I’m hoping my case that was raised two weeks ago isn’t now invalidated and I’m essentially going back to the basics of troubleshooting because I only emailed it a few days ago.

When I originally had the problem, that email wasn’t given as an option to contact, it was just in the in-app chats.

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Ok. It may be worthwhile just emailing also, just in case.

I understand they have specific teams working on specific issues now so may get resolved quicker.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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