Deposit Problems

Hi all

I deposited via bank transfer into free trade at 4pm on the 28th. The money has left my account but my balance in FreeTrade is zero.

I contacted customer service via the app and email yesterday but not had any acknowledgment my message has even been received.

Any ideas?

Try messing Shanice

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Unfortunately doesn’t provide me with a PM option, is this because im new?

I’ll be honest, this is why I’m hardly using Freetrade , I don’t want delays or uncertainties when depositing funds, I’ve found myself using Trading 212 instead

Hi Paul :wave:

Please DM me your email, I’ll get back to you ASAP! :blush:

If you click on the link to the above post, then on Shanice’s name directly it has an option to message her. You can do this for any profile and message forum users directly

Beat me to it :blush:

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Hi Shanice,

Can you DM me please? Still can’t seem to find the option to message you.

How many delays have you had with depositing funds out of interest?
I think FT have been getting faster and faster with deposits showing in my account these last few months.

Done! :blush:

If I see an opportunity I just want to get in fast, I don’t want to think of delays, when I realised bacs payments are sorted the following morning, that’s when my interest went elsewhere

If you looking for opportunities why would your investment account not already be funded? Even faster payments aren’t guaranteed anywhere.

Forgive me for not funding my account to the hilt and using freetrade as my bank account in readiness of a buying opportunity. I’m just giving honest feedback and a reason why I’ve ended up elsewhere. I can pay by card instantly on other platforms, not restricted to £1000 Apple Pay. Great way to make new members stay quiet and close accounts, thanks :+1:t3:

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Just curiosity. Unfunded accounts are not usually the norm for investors who are looking for investments


And the norm elsewhere is I can deposit thousands in seconds, keep having a go at me if you so wish

I’m not sure why you think i’m having a go at you :man_shrugging: