Over 24hrs since deposit and no funds

I appreciate Freetrade are likely dealing with an influx of new users right now but I’ve now been waiting over 24 hours since I transferred money from my bank to them (via the app and following the requirements to the letter).

Is anyone else seeing such massive delays? Any idea what is going on? Any chance I might get my money before the US market opens today after missing out on an entire day of trading yesterday?

Also checked with my bank and Freetrade definitely have my money.
Tried contacting support via the app but they never seem to reply.

Is anyone receiving funds within the 2 to 4 hours we are meant to?

To save me repeating myself, because FT have had a 10-fold increase in signups in the past day or so:

There’s also the option to use Google or Apple Pay to load money pretty instantly, although there is a lifetime limit.


Beginning to wish I had used Apple Pay for this however, I had no reason not to believe the stated 2 to 4 hour turn around and wanted to deposit more than the Apple pay limit so figured 1 transfer would be easier.

Main thing I wanted to know is if I was alone with this or if it was a current issue due to demand so thank you for clarifying that.

I do feel however they should make it obvious somewhere on the app when they are having issues like this so people know upfront and can make an informed decision. As a new user myself this hardly creates a first good impression. If I had known before hand I could have used Apple pay instead but I’m now in the position where the money is no longer in my account to do so, leaving me effectively locked out of trading until it is sorted.

Fingers crossed it gets sorted in the next couple of hours I guess.

I agree. New users should get some in-app alert for such things, although if you topup as part of the account opening flow I don’t know if that would be possible, with the way alerts work in-app. If not I hope the FT devs will look at this in future to make that functionality possible.