Help with transfer of funds

Hi Freetrade,

I transferred funds over to my freetrade account via bank transfer last night (08/10/2020). The money has gone out of my bank account but not showed up in my Freetrade account.
My husband did the same at the same time last night and his money showed up pretty quick.
Please help!?

Did you use your linked bank account or another one?

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We had just set up our freetrade accounts and this was my first transfer, I linked my bank account and did a transfer in the same process

Give them a quick message in the app. It usually doesn’t take to long

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Thanks, I sent a message on their chat in the app at 9:30 this morning, still waiting for a reply. A little worried :S

Hi, did this get resolved and if so how quickly?

I also transferred funds for the first time yesterday. Nothing shown yet. Quite a disappointing start with this app. When it comes to people’s money, especially significant amounts, you need to get this right first time.

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Hi @Loofer, bank transfers can take 2-4 hours, though they’re often much faster.

We process these between 8 AM and 8:30 PM, Monday to Friday.

Apple Pay and Google Pay are instant.

Thanks Sam but we’re in excess of 7 working hours now (08:00-20:30).

Quite worried by this. Have contacted in-app messaging. Eventually, when the money arrives I’m likely to withdraw it and close my account rather than invest.

Have you contacted them in app?

Hiya, I emailed them and sent a message via their app. It apparently was because my full name on my bank account didn’t match the name I opened the freetrade account with. (I have two middle names, but only used my first and last name for the freetrade account). It got resolved after 3 days and never happened again. Now, all top ups come through extremely quick, and I’ve never had any following issues.

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Yup, almost 90 mins ago

They’re usually pretty good at checking money transfer issues once you start an in app chat (I’ve had one issue caused by accidentally transferring via the wrong bank)