Linked personal bank account deposit via in-app

Hi all

Newbie here!!

At the beginning of the week I transferred some funds via the in-app process from my linked personal bank account and the funds showed immediately.

I have followed exactly the same process this morning (x 2 - double checking!!), about 1.5 hours ago, and the funds are still not showing - is this normal?


Maybe there’s a problem - I can’t top up at all currently.

I can’t topup neither :man_facepalming:
Did either of you get sorteor are you still hanging? :thinking:

Edit… I use my bank account, after signing in and out a handful of times, and it’s finally gone through :+1:

Nope - I have tried the in-app support chat and they just keep referring me to email. I have now sent two emails one to the and one to the hello email - but the first has a response time of 1 to 2 working days and the latter has response time of 4 - 5 working days!!

So far I am NOT IMPRESSED with the service or App!!

Out of interest, did you guys use ApplePay/Google or linked bank account?

Transfers for me are usually very smooth and instant!
Top-ups with Apple/Google Pay should be instant, are they not coming through either?

Still no luck here - I’ve tried logging our and bank in a couple of times…

So, I have just tried a minimum transfer via ApplePay (£10) and the money showed up instantly - so I’m confused as to why the bank transfer money is not showing…

Extremely frustrating

Gremlins :ghost::ghost::ghost: matey… Atleast you’re online :facepunch::+1:

Funds still not showing in account, email response saying

Hi Corrinna wave
Sorry to hear you had trouble topping up. disappointed_relieved
I will raise this with our partner provider and get back to you soon!
Is there anything else I can help you with in the meantime?

If the shares I’m interested in had dipped today I would have been really PO

I use bank transfer and funds are there within a couple of minutes. Perhaps it’s a problem at the bank. Did you add your FT account reference when sending?

I used the in-app transfer function and yes my account number was showing on the money leaving my linked personal bank account.

Freetrade actually sent my money back to my bank account, it was showing the next morning. I’m wondering if they are stopping people from topping-up on purpose?!?!

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Glad your money turned up, even if it wasn’t where you wanted it. The only funding problem I have had was when I accidentally sent money from my unlinked account. FT found it and returned it.
I didn’t have any transfer problems last week.

I’ll try again tomorrow after 8:30am and see what happens!

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So, tried £10 this morning as a test and it went straight through, so then did some more and yet again it has left my bank but not hit my FT account!!

Thought maybe because it was an issue with the free account so opened a stocks and shares ISA at a monthly fee and tried to transfer some money in and yet again it hasn’t hit my FT account!

This is ridiculous I now have £1600 floating around somewhere and no one from FT is getting back to me!