Money not in the app

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this is a repeat topic.
I’ve linked my bank account with Freetrade app and topped up with 500£ 30h ago.
My bank confirmed that the money are with Freetrade, but i have nothing in my account.
ps: With Apple pay is working as is should.
Did anyone had this issue before?

I tried to contact the Freetrade team on chat many times, but I have no reply


Same here. Looks like they’re snowed under with an influx of new users all adding funds to their new accounts.
Be thankful your Apple Pay works mine does not. Apparently the billing address on it doesn’t match my account, even though it does. I’m Jealous. Guess we’re all missing out again today. :slight_smile:

I hit the limit on the Apple pay tbh, that’s why I’ve linked the bank on it

Well, hopefully it will get back soon

I just done same opened new account, transferred money but nothing in the app. It says 2-4 hours usual wait. So I hope by end of the day will be there.

Edit* my money just got in after about 2 hours

Things are taking longer due to record breaking user sign ups
If you used the correct reference you have nothing to worry about.
If you didn’t use the correct reference then you need to contact them in-app

Regarding the reference… at no point was I given a reference to use and there was no opportunity to amend/add a reference when confirming the transfer with my bank anyway. However, there is a reference on the transaction when I view it on my banking.

Is it being passed automatically by the app when topping up? If not and the reference on it is just some standard one and not my GIA reference it’s no wonder its taking forever. But as I said there was no opportunity to add an additional reference anyway.

Hi Paul, it sounds like it was all done in the app using the Open Banking integration which means the correct reference would have been passed on automatically. It’s a shame that deposits are taking longer but your money is not lost! it’s in a queue waiting to be processed

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