Deposit hasn't arrived after days

Hi FreeTrade team.

It’s really frustrating this topping up is not quite efficient as it should be! I saw a couple of other topics which are similar to my case. Isn’t it so ironic for an app based on “money”, “invest” and “trade”?

Anyway, let me explain my situation. Maybe someone could able to help.

I’ve joined FreeTrade last month and could able to topup via Apple Pay seamlessly and it was all fine.

I decided to topup more and invest more on the 8th of February in the morning. I had to link my bank account because I can’t topup via Apple Pay more than £250.

I typed my bank account number and sort code and chose the bank as NatWest. Afterwards, NatWest application launched and I could able to pay the money via this route around 11 am on the 8th of February. Even the transaction has appeared straight under my transaction section and it wasn’t even “pending”. It was cleared straight away. But I couldn’t see it on my freetrade account.

I had a look at the blogs, faqs and community and it was all saying wait 2-4 hours and that’s what I did yesterday.

Since your agents work till 8pm, I decided to text them via app under “chat with us” section but no one turned back since then.

I’ve also provided the screenshot of the NatWest transaction details under chat.

Can someone please help?

Thank you.

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