Deposit delay due to banking provider outage

Due to a technical issue with our banking provider, we’re currently unable to allocate deposits made after 6:30 PM on Friday to Freetrade accounts. :cry:

We’ll provide an update once this has been resolved.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Can we have an ETA please? Really looking to buy before the day is out thank you

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Hopefully, there is an update on this soon. As a big dip today in stock prices


I was thinking about to top up and realised my previous one still hasn’t arrived…

Same, topped up Sunday evening still not arrived in account.

Will the top ups today still count for the free share referral? @Freetrade_Admin

Hi :wave: Apologies about the delay in processing your deposit! To get your free share on Wednesday, your referral needs to top up by Tuesday 8:30pm, otherwise, you’ll get your free share the following week.

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Top up just went through for me, thanks for the swift work guys :smiley:


Mines not but hopefully soon then

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You are not alone @timeinthemarket :stopwatch:

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So top ups made today that are not showing in app will still count towards the free share referral of £10-£200?

No sign of my top up either… why broadcast that all deposits have been matched when they haven’t?! :triumph:

Yes indeed! This offer will end tomorrow, 22nd Sep at 23:59, so there’s still time to refer and for the funding to come through to take advantage of the offer.

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The issue with our banking provider has now been resolved and we are working to allocate deposits sent between 6:30 PM on Friday to 1 PM today.

If you are still waiting for your deposit and need to invest, Apple and Google Pay remain unaffected.

If you would like your Apple or Google Pay limit increased, we can temporarily increase your limit to £10,000. Please fill this form with your Freetrade account email address.

Thank you for your patience, please buzz us in-app if you have any questions.

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The temporary increase in Apple Pay limit is appreciated but not very useful being offered at 4.27pm when I want to invest in UK markets.
The other issue is that my initial deposit is still in limbo and since I wanted to top up my ISA, I can’t just deposit twice (one through each mechanism) and withdraw half later on without impacting my annual limit.


I’m sorry if you were affected by this outage.

This impacted customers attempting to fund their accounts from their bank as well as customers who have already sent the money from their account between 6:30 PM on Friday and 1 PM today. The issue with outstanding payments has now been resolved.


When a customer deposits money into their account it is sent into a specially reserved client money account. Throughout the day we manually download deposit data from this account and upload it into our platform. Once this deposit data has been verified it is credited to a users account.


Our banking provider has been having an intermittent outage since ~8 am today following a maintenance period this weekend. These outages prevented us from downloading deposit data, meaning we were unable to credit customer accounts.

At approximately 1 PM we were able to download a list of deposits.

Unfortunately, the volume of deposits seen at this stage required additional manual intervention, introducing an error which prevented the funds from being allocated.


  • The upload process will be updated to account for larger deposits runs. In addition, this process is already undergoing ongoing load testing to prevent this from happening in future.
  • Long term we will automate the entire payment flow, removing the manual process.
  • We are also looking at additional banking partners to introduce redundancy into this flow.

What is stopping this from being automated? The delay users see, probably caused by this manual task, seems to bother a lot of people.

The temporary increase to Google/Apple Pay is nice. Will that be the go to fallback in cases like this? It could also be automated, given unlimited time. That is, assuming FT want to foot the bill for a 3rd party outage of this nature.

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Hi Zac. Our provider didn’t support API integration until very recently.

It’s possible that we will use the limit increase in future.


Update: we’ve increased the Apple Pay/Google Pay limit for everyone to £10,000, with a limit of £1,000 each time.


If there are any other investing newbies like me who are worried about this kind of thing then, for comparison, AJ Bell’s app was down this weekend until Sunday 2pm for maintenance (without any advance warning!) and was slow to the point of unusable until about lunchtime today (Monday). AJ Bell’s Twitter replies earlier were mainly them swatting away people complaining about it.

Oh not to mention their prices for non-UK shares are only updated at the close of each day (!!) and somehow they’ve managed to let me buy non compliant shares and put them inside my LISA - something they’re still trying to unravel and work out whether or not I’ll be allowed to leave them there. All this from a company founded 25 years ago.

I think Freetrade have handled this problem incredibly well for such a young company - the communication from staff on this post and in the app has been great and now upping the Apple/Google Pay limit for everyone.

Next thing you know, the legacy investment companies will be trying to poach Freetrade staff!