Deposit delay due to banking provider outage

Is this a permanent change or just temporarily?

It’s a temporary change until we resolve the issue.


Thanks for confirming @Ian

Are FT considering leveraging those APIs to automate/streamline the top-up process so it won’t require any human intervention (e.g. topping up outside working hours/bank holidays/weekends)?

That’d be a fantastic feature! :slight_smile:



Another ISA compliant failure! At AJB no less! This is growing! What stock is/was it?

(Clearly I’m self interested as I’ll try to flog the FinKi auto ISA API… )

Oh? What have I missed? What’s going on? I don’t want to go to jail because of their mistake.

It’s NIO Inc ADR.

You won’t.
I was referring to the T212 ISA debacle.
90+ stocks mistakenly allowed in ISAs and then they kicked every client out of their holdings forcing them to take profit/loss with no warning.
Not happy punters.
Lots of more ISA mistakes floating about too.
AJB, for example if they let you hold that in your isa.
I have found others too.


At least if I’m doing serious time I’ll have all your spreadsheets and APIs to keep me occupied.

I hadn’t seen the drama around T212. I only became aware of the issue with AJ Bell when I tried to buy more and it wouldn’t let me - it just gave a vague error message.

I started a live chat on their site and the undertrained agent, as nice as he was, said he’d have to get someone higher up to send me a message as he didn’t really understand what was going on. After waiting a while a message finally came through explaining the situation and saying they are reviewing it to see if they can “continue to offer holding the shares withing an ISA” for me. That was 15 days ago.

I don’t get it. Freetrade’s a startup, building a new platform, getting £3 a month from me and they manage to offer customer service and an overall experience that’s head and shoulders above a massive company like AJ Bell who have been around for over two decades and who find any/every way they can to absolutely price gouge me on every single transaction.

I’m interested to what AJ Bell come back with as a solution/gesture of goodwill. They can certainly afford the latter.


… let them know the FinKi Auto ISA Compliance API will ‘live’ assess every stock on every exchange on demand against ever moving HMRC regulations… for a pretty low fee Vs a PR nightmare with non compliance!!!


… you’d be surprised though… I can see ISA errors from the (mighty) HL and as for II, well…