Are topups faster for everyone?

Am I imagining things or are topups significantly faster than before?

I’ve received money just a few minutes after adding it in. Have I just not noticed or is this a very recent change.


Really fast for me too


Yep same - took less than 5 mins :facepunch:t3:


Yep literally like 5 minutes!
First time topping up using the open banking integration. Feels really smooth

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The open banking option I’m sure was just as long initially. This week (at least) seems to have sped up quite a bit.

A nice balance I think


Yea I topped up this morning to make a few buys and it was in my FT account within 15mins, far better than it used to be.


My last open banking top-up came in within a few minutes so either they’ve drastically sped things up or we’re all toppping-up at the precise right time for the batches to go through lol.

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By the way. Does anyone find the word ‘top up’ in reference to depositing money into an investment account as a bit of an odd choice of word?

Yes and now. I reckon timing matters

Definitely faster - within 15 minutes this morning

Not for me today. However, it was done before trading hours.

Sorry but I am new to this community and I have made two deposits today and it’s been taken from my bank acc but is on my Freetrade acc. I am disappointed because I was expecting better. I can’t reach anyone via phone/email. I twitted someone responded by asking questions, I responded but nothing else happened.

What’s your issue? The money NOT being on your freetrade account yet?
Nothing is deposited on weekends, so this will only show Monday morning.
Contacting Freetrade should generally be done by in-app chat. They’re quite responsive (not on weekends).

Banks don’t work weekends. You’ll see it Monday. You can’t trade until Monday anyway.

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I noticed it too. I put money in via Google Pay a few days ago and the money arrived instantly. It used to take about an hour for me. :100:

Google pay was always instant. But it’a capped sadly.

My top ups on the previous months were not instant but faster than via bank transfer.

Seems broken now :smile: truelayer just loads a blank page and the payment it never completed

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