Quick topups! 🔥👏

hi guys, bank top ups are really quick, almost instant now it seems for me.
gr8 stuff freetrade team!


Yep, instant for me too this morning (First Direct) - thanks :freetrade:


Yep, defo noticed that they’ve been so much quicker to land.

Just in time for payday :wink:


my top up was sent over the weekend and still not received - can anyone help?

Banks are closed on the weekend and therefore Top ups are only processed on weekdays.

Hey thanks for your response! Yes I am aware the banks are closed over the weekends and hence top up wouldn’t be processed until next working day. The issue though is that it is now 4pm, the next working day, and my top-up hasn’t yet been processed. I understand that on weekdays it usually takes 2-4hrs to process this (some say it is instant now), so I don’t understand why there is a ongoing delay with mine given the time of day…any ideas?
Thanks again!

Not working at all for me, it now opens my banking app, then instantly opens the chrome app, then instantly jumps back to freetrade and says cancelled due to insufficient funds. Have tried doing it starting with the banking app open and logged in or closed, any combination and it quickly skips back to freetrade and says it’s cancelled.

thanks - sorry I was actually referring to ‘manual bank transfer’ option - where you enter Freetrade’s sort code and account number manually. As I say, I used the same details as previously (worked many times before with no issues) but it hasn’t been processed today as expected…

Is it your first top-up? Because I think your first one takes 3-5 days while they match up your account. Next time should be instant though.

That is odd indeed, given that you have topped up previously. Have you tried topping up within the app (not manually)?

No, I have done many topups before using the same details, so not sure what’s up. I was just wondering if anyone else was having the same issue…

I tried emailing in about it but nothing yet.

I have tried that method before. I mean I did the Google Pay option when it was available to me and it worked great. But for the subsequent bank transfers, I have always used the ‘manual’ option and worked fine

Thanks for your input though

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