Unallocated Top Ups

Is anyone else having trouble topping up there account. I transferred money in yesterday which was my second transfer to my account. 24 hours later the money is still not there. Support have told me that there is a delay of several days for top ups at the moment. My first top up was there in less than 2 hours.

Is this normal or is it just the load that has been generated after opening the flood gates and the recent publicity?

Are Freetrade prioritising initial loads over top ups?

We did have some delays towards the beginning of the week because of the influx new customers.

We’re back on track now though so at this point, the only reason we won’t have processed a top up within the usual 4 hours or less timeframe would be if we’re missing the reference or the top up wasn’t sent from the customer’s linked bank account etc. We do a have a small backlog of those top ups which we’re working through at the moment.

Just let us know if you believe your top up should have arrived by now via the live chat & we’ll help you get that sorted.

No we’re not.

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I certainly sent the money from the correct account and with the right reference. In fact after talking with support the money seems to have just turned up. But that was over 24 hours rather than 4 that you suggest and I suspect was the result of the intervention of your accounts team. It seems strange the support team would tell me that there is a backlog and you would tell me that there is not at almost the same time.

Either way the money is there now and I am looking forward to trading this afternoon, thanks for your help.

It’s great to hear that you’re sorted :grinning:

I’ve just updated my previous post to clarify what I mean there, sorry for the confusion.

I don’t mean to show off here, but I did a transfer this morning and I’d say within 40 mins it was in my account.

Maybe I got lucky with my timings, but even so, huge thumbs up to the team, that’s an unbelievable turnaround.