Issue with top ups

I’m aware there has been a technical issue with top ups. I then got a message to say it’s sorted, only it’s not. I was looking to get some issues bought by 4 before they go ex div ?

This issue is constant now. Every week they have top-up problem. They spends so much money on Marketing but the can’t even get the basic stuff sorted.

I have been trying to contact their customer service but they are the most UNHELPFUL people. They have got their own basic template replies and after sometime they just ignore you .

I am very concerned now as their customer service and basic trading system is not working.

I have to say that my experience has been different to yours. I have had a couple of issues / niggles but they have been resolved in a timely manner and the communication has been both helpful and friendly.


Same. Sent money at night, arrived in the morning the next day.

@Mohsin @Pazza speak to @Gemhappe and the :freetrade: ops team, they should be able to help.


They are spending very little on marketing so far, they aren’t even advertising. there’s only the free shares thing which is quite a low customer acquisition cost.

There have been issues with top ups, and it’s a bit slow at the best of times, but I’ve never been ignore by customer service and the general feeling on here is that they are helpful. Not sure what you mean by basic trading system not working. I haven’t had a failed trade for weeks now


And if a basic trade doesn’t execute, it has to do with best execution i.e. protecting the client.

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Hi, we’re doing our very best right now to resolve the technical issue right now, and we’ll keep you posted on this thread.


I have to say that customer service has been quicker to respond to me and address any issues than I have been to respond back to them !
Always found them helpful and swift. I’ve had a couple of teething problems but all have been rectified very quickly.
I’ve maxed out my ISA with Freetrade and certainly wouldn’t have done that without a great deal of customer satisfaction :blush:



My activity feed showed my top up arriving around 3 and still not showing in my account, so I missed the chance to buy some shares I wanted to close today too.

Yup same here, never mind these things happen

This has now been resolved, and payment deposits are back to normal.

Thanks again for your patience!


@Nicknick @engineer @Dave

May be your experience is different . I have been trying to sent messages to customer team. They are totally ignoring me. I had to lodge a formal complaint

They always have issues with topups. My topups arrived in 2-3 days every-time. Reference number is correct but they still have to be manually allocated.

I was missing two dividends from last two months. I messaged them so many times but they couldn’t find the problem. Then I had to involve Risk and compliance team and then it was solved.

My experience with their customer service team is very bad and this team is pathetic

I had an issue with my top up, the team kept me informed and it’s been sorted.

I made a subsequent top up and that’s gone in with no issues.

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Anyone else issues withdrawing ? It keeps failing …

I don’t withdraw, I only ever add more funds :grinning:, so no.


Just tried to withdrawn and it works.


Thought top ups would be quicker on the new platform. Guess not, I’ve been waiting a few hours now. We need a quicker method of topping up, this is nuts.


With money transfers, your side of the deal (e.g. Freetrade, Robinhood, T212, Monzo) can be fast but if the other side (e.g. your bank) is not up to speed because of technical debt, there may not be a lot you can do.

Companies like Ripple are taking on Swift with their blockchain tech.

Trading apps like Stake use TrueLayer API that utilised the Open Banking thing.

Some interesting articles:

TransferWise/Revolut, HSBC mentioned - Fintech Eyes Banks' $124 Trillion of Transfer Payments - Bloomberg

@jiji That other thread got locked 1 day ago. Any update on how long it took with Stake - #28?

I agree. Still taking far too long. Been a couple of hours for me also.

Yup I’m still waiting myself. It’s not good enough really. I’ve been waiting a few hours on live chat too.