Issue with top ups

That’s surprising… I timed my last top up in early Feb when I was on new platform… Took approx 50 minutes, and that was at about 7.30pm

I think they must be having some kind of issue today… generally mine are really quick but today it’s been a few hours.

Saying that it’s just arrived. Still needs to be quicker.

Apparently Standing orders are processed differently to normal bank transfers.
I’ve started a topic with the response from James on the in-app chat.

Codf :duck: has merged them on to this chat here, so it’s posted just below this one.

I must disagree, I’ve had issues over the weekend and I felt I was in great hands. They already said in the queue that it can take “hours” to reply, so the right expectation was set for me.

Sorry to hear it’s been disappointing for you.

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I’ve only been with FreeTrade since January this year and have made 2 deposits via bank transfer and they went through really quickly.
I thought, as I am making monthly deposits to FreeTrade I would follow the option to create a standing order for the 1st of the month.

My bank processed the standing order this morning at 02:00 and sent it to FT. I assumed it would process within a few hours this morning once FT were open for business at 08:00. Sadly not :frowning:

As it hadn’t arrived after 16:00 I thought I should contact FT via the in app chat. This is what James said…

Until the process is automated I think I will cancel, the standing order and go back to manual bank transfer.


I’ve put all these threads together as they’re technically the same. Seems pointless to have three threads running concurrently.

Please continue the conversations here.


Hi all :wave:

Thanks for your feedback. We’re really sorry that your deposits have taken longer than usual to arrive today. :disappointed_relieved:

We’re experiencing a slight delay with both deposits and response times in our customer operations team due to an unprecedented number of trades and new sign ups over the past few days.

Please be assured that the team are working hard to respond to all queries and thanks for your patience whilst we work through this. :pray:

We’re currently reviewing different banking options available to us in an effort to decrease the top up times around bank deposits. We know that this is a pain point for customers and are actively working on a solution for this. :crossed_fingers:

It’s accurate to say that sending funds via a standing order is not the quickest way to add it to your Freetrade account, but if the automatic nature of it is more important than immediate speed, it’s a good solution. :+1:


Seconds after posting this, I also had a notification to tell me mine had arrived. Agreed it needs to be quicker. Much quicker.

Still not arrived for me… now on day 2.
I missed the ITM Power investment I was hoping to make yesterday. Very annoying🤯


I missed it too. Bad times. I’m hoping they’ll be able to speed things up, it’s pretty frustrating.

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I was 90 mins today by bank transfer. Slower than my last 2 top-ups but not too bad

Good to hear that bank transfer is still OK.
Just avoid standing orders, mine still not there after 2 days. Let’s hope for tomorrow.

Got my standing order deposit sorted today after 3 days. Had to do a work around, sending a pdf of a bank statement proving address etc.
All very bizarre!
I have cancelled my standing order and will make all further top-ups using a normal bank transfer.

Thanks to @MeghanB26 from the FreeTrade team for sorting it out.:+1:


Glad it got sorted in the end!


@freetrade What happened to faster top ups?

Mine took about 2 hours today. Not the best but I think they’re looking at options to speed things up.

I sent money via bank transfer today at 1pm and it is now closing in on 6pm without any sign of it :mag:

I think I’m reaching my limit with FreeTrade’s service. How can we buy, if we can’t top up? Waited a year for ‘invest’ and it’s unreliable.

I’ve topped up four times over the last two days and they’ve been ready to go within 30 minutes.

I tried the Google Pay deposit too on Monday and that was instant.

Where are you transferring from? Was it a faster payment?