Messed up order, poor fills, no response

Friday afternoon I placed an order that didn’t fill for some reason. I got a message about no communication from their US partner. I checked that no funds were taken and nothing in my activity window, so I placed the order again and got a fill.

Then I found that the original order was filled. The prices of each fill were poor. I know this as this is my ISA account and I run along side a real time trading program so know where the markets are actually trading (as opposed to FT’s 15min delays)

I messaged FT straight away to tell them of their error. I have still not received a response. Previously I mailed about a top up to my ISA account and received a response very quickly.

It rings alarm bells when a service is screening messages and choosing which messages to respond to. I have noted others commenting that there is a lack of response when problems are encountered.

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Unless I’m mistaken, if the order is not completed straight away it will become a pending order until such time that it’s able to be made. This should have been visible on the activity page. It can take a few minutes for this to display from personal experience.

FT will get the best price it can at the time of order, just as you can see the price it won’t necessarily correlate exactly to the buy/sell pricing.

If you’ve messaged on a Friday night I’d expect a bit of a delay in response, outwith their core hours and they may still have a bit of backlog coming out of the festive period running with a skeleton staff. I genuinely don’t think (or at least hope not) that it’s down to screening messages in any way,

I hope you get a response and answer soon though!


Hi David :wave:

Please accept my apologies for the lack of response from customer support here. The team is incredibly busy right now and are working hard to get back to all customers as quickly as possible. I can assure you that we are not screening messages and that we manage them on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis for fairness. It sounds as though when you reached out to us previously we were operating at our usual level of fast response times.

We can do a best execution check here to check market prices at the time we filled your order. Could you please drop me a DM with the email address that you use for your Freetrade account and I’ll have one of the team look into your query right away? :pray:

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